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Feb 2, 2013 6:30pm EST
of panasonic north america. i'm your screen is joe taylor, the ceo and chairman of panasonic north america. -- on your screen is joe taylor, the ceo and chairman of panasonic north america. talk to me about the products. >> thank you for having me. interesting thing we're doing here is not just in to do seeing some new consumer electronics, but rolling out the new image of panasonic globally carried that is a company that is almost 100 years old and has a portfolio product far beyond consumer electronics. >> such as? >> our b2b space is growing for us. we have major market shares in- flight entertainment and automotive industry far beyond speakers and radios. navigation systems. sports and entertainment venues. shame on us, but we have not made people well aware of these even though we are 100 years old. >> we are aware of panasonic television and cameras and things like that. you have a brand called your tv. what is that? >> your db is the latest innovation. -- your tv is the latest innovation. it will want their content when they wanted. they want to communicate. they want twitter. they
Feb 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
and chairman of panasonic north america. now on your screen as joe taylor who is the ceo and chairman of panasonic north america. mr. taylor we are here in las vegas at ces international. what products is panasonic debuting? >> guest: peter first, thanks for having me and second the interesting thing about what we are doing here today is not just introducing some new consumer electronics but really rolling out the new image of panasonic globally and that is a company that is almost 100 years old, $100 billion it has a portfolio product far beyond consumer electronics. >> host: such as? >> guest: our b-to-b space is really growing for us. we have major market shares in the avionics industry in flight entertainment automotive industries far beyond speakers and radios, complete multimedia interfaces and navigation systems. we have sports and entertainment venues as well as a large energy business and these are things -- shame on us but we haven't made people will aware of them even though we are 100 years old. >> host: mr. taylor we are aware of panasonic televisions and panasonipanasoni
Feb 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
in north america, as well as europe, and they need a pope that can be focused. >> wendy: so you think the pope will come from europe? >> i suspect the pope will be from italy. italy. >> wendy: really. the church has been harmed with sex scandals, and is there an opportunity here to change that image? >> i do think so. i think we'll choose a pope that is extremely conservative, and i think they're going to choose somebody with great leadership skills, management skills, and somebody who would know how to handle this. >> wendy: who is your pick? >> the cardinal from rome. >> wendy: do you think we're likely to see any significant shift in the direction of the roman catholic church with the selection of this next pope? >> i do not think so. we have to remember in the conclave, the majority of cardinals were appointed by benedict the 16th t-as well as pope john paul ii. >> wendy: the current pop was so popular. he had just started using twitter. and he was extremely popular and extremely conservative. >> yes. >> wendy: it just begs to the question of why? 85 is old, but he wasn't sick, yo
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
and the middle east. data traffic and asia pacific in north america will can want for almost two-thirds of the total by 2017. mobile operators worldwide face the challenge of boosting their infrastructure. the philippines has one of the highest birthrates in southeast asia. another key factor is pushing businesses to set up shop there. >> reporter: the middle class is boosting private consumption. this has attracted some of the world's best known brands. japanese retailer opened last year its on store in manila. >> translator: we're hoping to operate about 50 stores in the philippines within three years. other japanese manufacturers have chosen to philippines to relocate some of their factories. this industrial complex is located south of manila. over the past 18 months seven japanese companies have chosen to set up new production companies here. >> translator: we're facing a wave of investment. >> reporter: toy maker ban dai is among the new. the company produces the bulk of its products in china but soaring labor costs have pushed it to look for an alternative. five years ago t
Feb 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
to continent. in europe and in north america, the church appears to be shrinking. membership, of course, is one indicator and not necessarily the only one, of course, but one indicator of the church's vibrancy and life. on the other hand, in africa, and asia, for example, the church is growing at quite a remarkable rate. in the last 100 years, for example, the catholic church in africa has grown enormously. there are now more than 200 million christians in africa, and they have very little understanding for the demands in europe and north america for reforms within the church. i live myself for many years in southern africa, and the church there is very vibrant. >> what can we take away as benedict's legacy? what were his most important achievements? >> of course, he is a very profound and prolific writer. i think his legacy will be mainly in his writings. particularly in the way that he has explored the question of the meaning of life. that, of course, is a question that concerns all of us sooner or later. the latest, of course, is when we are confronted by death. he does not do it in a way th
Feb 27, 2013 2:30am PST
it could be someone who is from africa, from latin america, maybe even dare we say, north america. >> could well be. the church certainly has shifted, as you say, it's suffering in western europe, yet there are 61 cardinals from europe. the college of cardinals that will be voting. the church is exploding in latin america, africa and parts of asia. there are some viable candidates. so, i wouldn't be surprised if the church moved in that direction. and north america, you think of cardinal oulet from quebec, would certainly be a leading candidate. cardinal dolan, possibly. i think the cardinals will look around the world, sure, for a possible candidate. >> right now, they are looking up at the stage and the pope is going to speak in portuguese as he continues his final good-byes to the faithful, speaking in many different languages. there are preparations under way already, something that is, again, as we talked about the historic nature of what we're seeing and the difference from anything we have experienced before, in a situation, in all of our lifetimes when we were talking about a concla
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
. energy independence. and, when it comes to oil, the focus is on north america, not the middle east. and gold breakdown. dennis gartman on why gold continues to lose its luster. but first, got to get to our top trade here, because the s&p 500 is hovers at 1500 yet again, our traders have found ways to play this rally. guy? >> hi, mel. >> valentine's week, just so you know. waiting for my gift. you laugh. valuation is crazy, 21 times forward earnings. you go back to the last quarter, operating margins, much better than expected. i know valuations are stretched. wig short interest here. still goes higher. >> is that connected to valentine's day week? >> no. nothing to do with it. >> not taking your wife to dunkin' donuts? >> just making sure mel knows, i'm waiting for my gift on thursday and that's putting it out there. >> wow. >> keep on a-waiting. pete? >> medical equipment. look at medtronic. they continue to hit 52-week high. had option activity last week. more followup activity today. before their earnings next week, a week from tomorrow, we're going to see a big number out of th
FOX Business
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
% of the north america's gas and oil pipelines. this is significant and poses a very serious. >> they an attacked the brains that runs a lot of these different things. if you go after the money, you go after energy. if you want shut a nation down, you don't necessarily have to drop a bomb. you cut off the oil supply. you make things difficult. you disrupt power and electricity. you saw what happens on the cruise line, right? if you lose power things get bad. imagine a nation or entire region without power, there is hospitals, transportation, public finance, banking, you name it a lot of things can happen. sandra: what do you do? private business it seems like it is almost impossible to protect themselves. they're paying gazillions of dollars to protect their company, but the chinese, if this is the case seem to be walking through the front door. >> in a prior life i was a detective. i taught interview and interrogation. i went through behavior and analysis training the fbi gave. one of the things they're doing, not just attacking. there are three type of wares. software, hardware and wet wear. th
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
. now in north america we talked about severe weather in the eastern u.s. we had numerous reports of car accidents and several tornadoes in the southeast kling two people conditions have improved across most of the u.s. but south eastern canada is a different story. you're still dealing with persistent winds as well as heavy snow showers. winds could hit as high as 100 kilometers per hour. strong enough to topple trees and damage structures. looking dry across the rest of the u.s. to the sthwest a very dry and very warm 26 degrees in los angeles. to the north very chilly minus 26 degrees in winnipeg which is about 15 degrees cooler than seasonal with the wind chill factors you could feel minus 45 degrees or so. cover your exposed skin to reduce the risk of frostbite. conditions will stay the same to the north over the next couple of days. temperatures are looking like this getting back to normal with a high of 7 degrees on friday and 8 degrees in burling. snow showers are liking over the weekend here. here is the extended forecast. >> that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for
Feb 19, 2013 7:30pm PST
marketplace under our prior mayor we're the green tech capital of north america and the number one for green jobs according to the best magazines and we're also rated highly for losing weight. in the case of san francisco i believe we're so burglarized. the progress of our city is no accident. indeed we're vital, we're strong city because of the fiscally responsible direction we've teen, deliberate choice we've made to attract people into our city. whether it's a reform of our housing or infrastructure on the significant challenges we've faced we put the people's priorities head of city hall. and on this course my fellow san franciscans i believe with all my heart we must continue were while these truths have never been self-evident we have to speak of our freedom. the same is our commit to continue the path of progress that we're on today. yet the worse of economic times are behind us we cannot relent to our commit with fiscal prudence with our taxpayers' money. we must not be distracted and retreat from making smart investments in our people in our neighborhood and in our infrastructure. i
Feb 16, 2013 11:15pm EST
extraordinaire little popular. the tri says that 11 million passengers sailed to and from north america each year, generating nearly $40 billion in economic impact. travel insurance is a popular product to help protect consumers from unforeseen circumstances but it has a limit once the trip begins. while the conditions aboard the triumph may have been horrible, the travel documents give the companies a lot of shelter from legal action. >> what's not covered is something like happened on this carnival cruise. >> insurance would not have covered snit. >> no balls they could not have gotten off. if they were on land, they could have flown them home. >>> more winter weather is on the way. >> fox 5's gwen tolbart is next: we have a little winter to deal w i'm going to have the details on what you can expect in the full seven-day forecast after the break. ( man ) legs up ! ( man ) legs up ? legs up, legs up, legs up ! red hot deal days are back. let nothing stop you. good job ! it's red hot deal days. get the nokia lumia 822 in red for free and discover all the things to do on the go with city lens. or
Feb 11, 2013 8:00am EST
: so i'm responsible for our corporate strategy in north america, covering the united states and canada, and then looking at all of our corporate strategies across -- [inaudible] so overseeing all the different product areas and how we put together strategies there, that's my responsibility. >> host: you spent quite a few years in korea, correct? >> guest: that's right. just over ten years. >> host: and why are you now in the states? >> guest: probably they got tired of me, said we need a breather. but it's very interesting when you've been in the headquarters for a few years, you've seen what it is to have global responsibility but looking at narrower product lines. but now in coming to the u.s., i can look at all the different product lines in one geographic market, so it's a different way of looking at the business. much more in the trenches of day-to-day business in the market rather than in the headquarters of the corporation. >> host: for samsung's products is the u.s. and canada, north america, a growth market? >> guest: it still is. i mean, traditionally we've thought developed
Feb 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
for north america covering the united states and canada and looking at all the strategies so overseeing all the different products areas and how we put together strategies. >> host: you spend quite a few years in korea correct? >> guest: that's right. >> host: why are you now understates? >> guest: it's very interesting when you abandon the headquarters, you have seen what it is to have global responsibility when looking at a narrower product line but now i'm coming to the u.s. i can look at all the different product lines in one geographic context so it's a different way of looking at the business. more in the trenches of day to day business in the market rather than in in the headquarters of the corporation. >> host: or samsung products is the u.s. and canada north america a growth market? >> guest: >> guest: it still lives. traditionally we have developed markets and these developed markets are seen as somewhat mature but if you look at the last few years at our programs in the u.s. market we have seen tremendous growth. some of that is coming from new categories like the rise of digital
Feb 9, 2013 6:30pm EST
, for what are you response snble >> i'm responsible for our corporate strategy in north america america and looking at all of our corporate strategies across that. so overseeing all the product areas and strategies. >> you spent quite a few years in korea, correct? >> yes. why are you now in the snates >> probably they got tired of me and said i need a breather. but it's interesting when you've been in the headquarters. you've seen global responsibility but looking at narrower product lines. but in coming to the u.s., i can look at all the product lines in one geographic market. it's a different way of look k at the business. much more in the trenches than in the headquarters of the corporation. >> for samsung products s the u.s. and canada north america a growth market? >> it still is. traditionally we've thought about developed markets and developing markets. if you look at the last few years of our progress in the u.s. market, we've seen tremendous growth. some of that is coming from new categories like the rise of the digital television or the growth of the phone business. some of i
Feb 26, 2013 10:00am PST
in california, but in all of north america. based in santa paula, the farm is a testament to what hard work and determination can do. founding fathers nathan blanchard and wallace hardison first bought the land way back in 1893 and named the ranch limoneira, which means "lemon lands" in portuguese. >> and at the time, they wanted to bring about the first full-scale commercial operation citrus ranch in the u.s. and from there, we added, throughout the years, over the last 115-16 years, 3 other families have come into the fold, and that's where we've grown today to be our 7,000 acres that we are in california. >> once called the home of the lemon, it actually took 15 years before those first farmers even turned a profit at the limoneira farm. but they persevered, and as they say, they've come a long way, baby. things have obviously changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is the desire to explore innovative programs. the farm invests a lot of time, research, and investment into improving lemon production through innovation. in 2008, they completed work on a solar panel
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am EST
have thousands more troops in north america. america. and they could've summoned tens of thousands more troops from other parts of the empire if they had decided to do so. but they were not able to do so because of the power of a new force in warfare, a term those only coined faithfully in 1776, the power of public opinion. now, if the founding fathers had been paddling of the british empire but the roman empire, i can achieve that the romans no matter how many battlefields defeats they would've suffered government would've come back and george washington, the founders, would have been crucified quite literally. the fact that this did not happen is because of what happened institutions that iran did not have to worry about, at least not after the rise of the empire. and that was the house of commons, parliament. because in 1782, a year after, in the year after the battle of yorktown there was a very close vote in the house of commons to discontinue offense of operations in north america. the vote was 234-215. it was a nail biter but because lord north who was the hardline prime minister
Feb 15, 2013 4:00am PST
for general motors. european auto sales dragged down overall gm profits in 2012, while china, north america and south america all delivered returns. in the fourth quarter, overall gm profits were up 89% from 2011. looking ahead, the company says it has taken significant action to put itself on a path for growth in 2013. however, ahead of the release of new models of pickup trucks, analysts are concerned gm may be forced to cut production, due to a backup of its current inventory. a "spirited" trade in the beverage industry is sending traders on a wild ride. the justice department was blocking the merger of budweiser and corona. to get the deal done, anheuser bush in bev, which owns bud, is agreeing to sell grupo modelo's brewery in mexico to wine and spirits maker constellation brands. constellation spiked above $43 yesterday on the news as traders who were shorting the stock are forced to buy it into options expiration today. "well, as of mid-day yesterday, we saw 40 million shares of constellation being traded. the average day only has about 5 million shares of volume." scott bauer of tr
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
. but there is opportunity for both countries to tackle climate change, the world a signal that north america is prepared to start looking at these issues. an openingleym, comment. >> i will start in a different place. i start with the depth and complexity of the relationship between canada and the u.s.. last year, the nobel prize committee awarded the peace prize to the european union, celebrating almost 70 years of peace. we are celebrating 200 years of peace against a long and porous border. we built a relationship. i am not sure i will buy into the analogy of marriage, open or otherwise. we are more like twins separated at birth in some ways. but our parents always liked us best. whether it is in the economy or energy and other resources, we are in this endeavor together. we share a point of view on almost every issue. the differences tend to be nuanced rather than deep or profound. there are a couple of rules of political life in canada. for the prime minister, one of his two important responsibilities is to manage the relationship with the united states. the other is to preserve national unity. whe
Feb 2, 2013 10:00am EST
7,000 troops to washington, the british still had tens of thousands more troops in north america. and they could have summoned tens of thousands more troops from other parts of the empire if they had decided to do so. but they were not able to do so pause of the power -- because of the power of a new force in insurgent warfare, a turn that was of only coin -- term that was only coined, fatefully, in 1776, the power of public opinion. now, if the founding fathers had been battling not the british empire, but the roman empire, i can assure you that the row re-- romans would have come back, and george and the founders would have been crucified quite literally. the fact that this did not happen is because of what happened in an institution that the romans did not really have to worry about, at least not after the rise of the empire. and that was the house of commons, parliament. because in 1782, a year after -- in the year after the battle of yorktown, there was a very close vote in the house of commons to discontinue offensive operations in north america. the vote was 234 will have
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
america. wild kratts emergency. all wild kratts kids especially at longitude 45 degrees north and latitude 75 degrees west. code creature rescue. build bat boxes and hang them outside immediately. a bat rescue? in our neighborhood? yeah! when our bat box is done they can live here. okay, we'd better keep an eye on bite-size and his bat buddies until the bat boxes are ready. (gasping) peregrine falcon! she spotted the bats! we have to help them. to the creature rescue. to the creature rescue. i'll distract the peregrine falcon. you stay with the bats. got it. hey, falcon. over here. catch me if you can. uh-oh. he probably can. (screaming) but not this time. whoo-hoo! don't worry, bite-size. we're not going to let any hungry predators eat you for breakfast. (raccoon chirping) (gasping) a raccoon. he can grab them right out of the air. i've got to get there first. hey, raccoon. looking for bat snack? well, breakfast is served. come and get it. (grunting and gasping) that's it. eyes on me just a little bit longer. sorry, raccoon. little brown bats
Feb 20, 2013 1:00am EST
neighborhood of north america and with vehicle emissions standards, coal plants standards, you will eventually see that in the united states. nobody is replacing a coal plant with coal again. they are replacing it with natural gas. it reduces emissions by 50%. i did not see that as a quid pro quo. when the secretary of state and our minister of foreign affairs met and had a press conference, they talked about both climate change and energy security. we talked about vehicle emissions standards. th minister talked about the action we've taken had the the united states on coal plants in canada. i closed down some coal plants. i thought it was good for our jurisdiction but i think energy efficiency is crucial. energy-efficient homes, buildings, cars, trucks. those are issues of aerospace and how to remake steps in that direction. i feel confident both canada and united states will achieve this copenhagen charter and achieve energy independence in north america by 2020. that is great for this neighborhood. >> what is the effect on the canada-u.s. relationship -- if the project is turned down? >> i
Feb 13, 2013 5:30pm PST
the north. minus 24 in ulan bator. that's about 15 degrees colder than average. now, in north america we've talked about severe weather in the southeast. 250 millimeters of rain, hail, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes over the deep south. but conditions are changing. this system amoving away from the deep south. things are getting dryer here. but the eastern seaboard is going to be the next target. we're going to be seeing rain showers, heavy snow showers in some locations. snow is likely in washington, d.c. as well as new york city from wednesday night into your thursday. there's still leftover snow showers on roads due to last week's snowstorm. traveling is going to be more dangerous. meanwhile, drenching rain will persist in the florida peninsula into your saturday at least and up towards the north. an area of blowing snow is reaching the great lakes region. within the next 24 hours up to 20 centimeter is likely in the next 24 hours. and an area of snow is also toward the viechth the central rockies. out toward the west and the next system is moving into the west coast of british col
FOX Business
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
at the gate? the head of travel north america joins us exclusively with a inside scoop. even when they say it is a not it is always about "money" melissa: our top story tonight, the newest areas in government that are officially named as high-risk for wasting and abusing your tax dollars. the government accountability office puts out the report every two years. and the one released just today specifies 30 different areas in danger of creating wasteful spending or even falling victim to fraud. this report affects every american, you and me, and our money. so joining me, exclusive live to go through the most egregious examples, do you know where your money is really going is the gao's managing director for strategic about issues. thank you so much for coming on the show. >> my pleasure. melissa: i've got to tell you one of the ones that really jumped out at me out of the gate was about the department of interior and saying they don't have reasonable assurance that they're collecting the share of revenue from the drilling going on federal lands. that they don't know, have no idea if they're a
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
maintaining nuclear arms. >> north korea's missile program are a threat now to the united states of america because of what they are pursuing specifically as well as to global expert and peace. >> kerry said he's concerned about the nuclear program in iran. he said officials have cooperated on nuclear development. the international community must react with a swift and clear action. he said he's pushing for new sanctions at the united nation security council. officials are concerned about iran too. they failed to get access to a military facility. they expect scientists are working to develop nuclear weapons. iae director traveled to iran t meet offials. they have been trying to inspect the parching complex. iranian officials have denied the request. scientists have accelerated the process of enriching uranium. there's a new type of centerfuge in the facility. beyond that point scientists can move quickly towards uranium that's weapons grade. representatives of six countries including the u.s. and russia are expected to resume talks with iranian officials later this month. those negotiation
Feb 14, 2013 7:30am EST
's just continuing to keep things at play. meanwhile off here to north america, the stationary boundary is continuing to bring rough weather. still that risk of some thunderstorms in and across florida as this persists. nothing too severe, but don't be surprised if you see a flash of lightning or two as that continues to develop. it drifts to the south with temperatures getting cooler behind it. that also has something to do with this system. the alberta clipper continuing to push across the great lakes bringing 10 to 15 centimeters of snowfall. also enhanced by the lake-effect snowfall pushing off to ontario, quebec and western new york. i'm talking about the cool down with temperatures. after that pushes off, we'll see all this cold air. look at winnipeg, minus 14 for the high. chicago, you'll be getting below the freezing mark on your friday, even miami, clear down here in florida, the frontal area dips off here to be getting into the teens. warm now but really does look like a cool-off is expected into the weekend. now over to europe across the british isles, we are warming up for n
Feb 16, 2013 2:00pm PST
. in north america, cold in the northeast as temperatures at or below freezing certainly for eastern parts of canada looking cold. towards the west, snow across the rockies, dry further south with highs of 21 in l.a. >> welcome back. here's a reminder of our main headlines on al-jazeera. at least 72 people are known to have died in an explosion at a vegetable market in southwestern pakistan in the city of quetta. at least 200 people were injured. afghanistan's president hamid karzai, says he will ban afghan security forces from calling in nato air support while in residential areas and thousands of protestors have gathered in tunisia's capital in support of the country's ruling ennahda party. rebel fighters in syria are claiming another victory near the city of aleppo, they say they've captured a government base near an international airport, improving their chances of capturing the city. here's our correspondent. >> syrian rebel fighters say they have captured a vital military installation, the 80th regiment air defense
Feb 21, 2013 7:30am EST
in eastern asia out across much of north america. the big story is a winter storm. a classic one setting up here. we have a lot of cold air coming in from the north. warm, moist air surging in from the south across kansas through missouri and even into chicago. you're going to be seeing heavy snowfall. eastern kansas, upwards of 50 centimeters of snow accompanied by 50 kilometer winds in the forecast. that's coming down at 5 centimeters an hour as it pushes overhead. look at the area in the purple, widespread power outages in and across this area very likely. any driving is just being absolutely discouraged here by the national weather service. talk about an ice storm pushing through there. then the severe weather along the gulf coast as that pushes overhead. that's going to be bringing you some hail and very damaging winds. so an all-around very complex storm system to watch out for. any travel plans across the central u.s. is something to watch out for. chicago with a high of minus 1 here on your thursday. washington, d.c. at 4. but atlanta, much warmer there getting up to 15. now we'll t
Feb 18, 2013 7:00pm PST
wise at zero degree. tokyo 6 for the high. down towards the tropics, 33 in manila. out towards north america we still have to talk about this blizzard condition here across atlantic condition da. this will pull away in towards the east. wind chill factors will be very chilly out here across the north eastern regions. now that we have another incoming system this is creating really heavy snow across the great lakes region but due to the clash of the two air masses mixed precipitation found here as well as the thunderstorms to erupt due to the moisture sur surging from the south. we're talking ant tornado warnings out in louisiana and texas. watch out for that. out towards the west things are looking clear and fine. another system will be dominate in the sections that will create really major storm systems. until now los angeles looking at 14. down from 27 on saturday. a really big dramatic drop there. winnipeg minus 22 up towards the north and 8 here in new york. last but not least we're looking at europe with cooler systems to talk central mediterraneans looking at thunderstorms. hig
Feb 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
to the normal territories on again. it's going to be a bumpy ride for us here. moving over to north america now. labrador and new finland you have seen the blizzard conditions. it will be a prolonged story. additional amounts of snowfall could be as much as 15 centimeters. in some areas the reports are 30 centimeters and the gusts could be as much as 100 kilometers per hour. there's still wind warnings across the regions. across the eastern ohio region this is the area we have conditions as well of 20 centimeters of snow. over the pacific northwest 50 centimeters of snow will be piling up. vancouver at 7. chicago minus 1. apparently things are very cold. the wind chill values around central canada could be as much as 50 degrees. down toward the south it's very warm. moving over to the european continent we have the atlantic system across the uk. also about 20 centimeters of snow is likely. the gusts are going to be very strong there as well. towards the south looking fine and south. 17 degrees and 13 degrees we take a look at paris. 7 degrees from 12 today. here is the extended forecast. >>> th
Feb 12, 2013 7:00pm PST
degrees for us and 2 degrees in seoul on wednesday. all right. in north america severe weather is still erupting across the deep south, particularly in the southern areas. the risks of severe thunderstorm, hail, and damaging winds will continue throughout your tuesday. but as the system moving in from toward the east, conditions will be looking up across the lower mississippi river valley. on the eastern side of the deep south will remain quite stormy into your wednesday. so flooding risk is getting even higher. some of the precipitation will also reach the mid-atlantic region including washington, d.c. out toward the northwest snow showers for the northern rockies up to eight centimeter is likely into your wednesday morning. highs not too bad in many locations. minus 3 degrees in winnipeg. that's about 5. actually much warmer than seasonal. meanwhile, 4 degrees in new york city. and 8 degrees in washington, d.c. you may be -- you could be seeing some snow showers from your wednesday night. all right. in europe rotating clouds are still affecting the central parts of europe. underneath
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
degrees here. 32 in around north america, rain is continuing in the florida peninsula. rain will continue for the next couple of days. the eastern half of the great lakes region low pressure affect southern quebec as well as new england states. out towards the west another area of snow is affecting the central rockies including denver. the main story will be a significant cooldown. for example in chicago you saw 4 degrees during the daytime hours on your thursday. cooling down to minus 3 on your friday and below zero on your saturday as well. even miami very hot on friday but going down about ten degreeses on sunday. social security quite frigid for this location. heavy snow and windy conditions but a mixture of rain and snow in western continent tapering off throughout the day. down towards the south a series of low pressure system is moving across the east over the mediterranean bringing nasty weather. wet and windy conditions across turkey. 9 degrees for both london as well as paris. 3 in berlin and cold in moscow at minus 4 degrees. that's it for now and here is your extended forecast
Feb 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
if possible. here in tokyo, 9 for the high. so a bumpy ride yesterday with about 15 degrees. here in north america, we have a couple of systems to talk about. but this is going to be a potentially historic event with with a very strong winter storm. a couple of systems are impacting the area as of now. this one is bringing wet weather due to warm air aloft and thunderstorms as well as severe hail possibly with the associated cold front. another system is impacting the southeast. that will be moving along the atlantic coast. merges with the other system, making it a really potent winter storm. we are talking 60 centimeters of snowfall. wind gusts up to 120 kilometers per hour forecast. even the major cities such as new york city could see 25 centimeters of snowfall. blizzard watches and warnings are posted widely across the region including boston. in boston we are talking about in addition to all of that, coastal flooding due to the high tide. temperaturewise, 1 for boston for the high. new york at 4. that will be dropping from the system both combining and making it possibly a top ten sno
Feb 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
could change so we'll keep you posted on the storm's progress. finally, north america, blizzard conditions are happening across the four corners region. this system will head towards the east. meanwhile, severe weather is happening across the deep south region. this is going to be an ongoing story into your tuesday, at least. and out toward the west, snow showers for the northwest. the cascades may be seeing an additional 50 centimetres of snow into the next 24 hours. here's a high of 21 degrees for houston but very chilly up toward the north. only 5 degrees in oklahoma city. minus 2 in winnipeg. it will go up to 2 degrees on tuesday. here's your extended forecast. >>> and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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